Weddings, weddings, weddings …

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Creating wedding sets are always nice to feel the emotions of love and happiness, to see the happy faces of the lovers. Particular attention is paid to the selection of jewelry for this occasion. It seems that to find the right ring is not difficult, but now the choice is so big that we have to give a lot of time to do so.

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I offer some tips for choosing wedding rings to make things easier to find the perfect option.

– If you want the classic gold rings, consider the shape and thickness that you like

Pay attention to the sample. Note that the rings 585-carat are very strong and do not lose tone, and the 750-th – will be somewhat brighter, but more prone to warping.

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If you want a ring with a stone, read what the stone is right for you. Think what you like stones in structure and color

Remember that in the cold finger thickness  in the heat, on the contrary, expands, so do not take a close ring

The ring should be comfortable, so avoid complicated forms

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A wonderful selection of wedding rings presented here Kobellivmoiss




Ruth Negga

On February 26 in Los Angeles to announce the winners of the ceremony “Oscar”. In the list of actresses who will compete for the award in the category “Best Actress” is a young actress Ruth Negga. She was nominated for an Oscar for her role in “Loving”.

    Polivore proposed Competition “Red Carpet at the Oscars” to show the appearance of the nominees for the presentation of this award. I chose Ruth Negga for her excellent acting work and an interesting appearance.


Paule Ka Red and pink draped satin gown emphasizes the graceful figure of the actress


Rose gold-tone leather and calf leather ‘Darcie’ sandals from Giuseppe Zanotti Design


To complete the image, I propose ring with a black diamond  from Kobelli 



So I see Ruth Negga on the Red Carpet at the Oscars.



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I’ve always loved luxury style – elegant classics combined with modern elements. And all this, I believe, in the collection “fashion legend” Ralph Lauren:  Dara Tiered Sleeveless Dress, Bronze, and Dwight Distressed leather jacket, black, where there is a combination … Continue reading


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The idea to create this set served as a picture of the French painter Edouard Bisson “A Young Beauty with a Wreath of Roses”, which is filled with grace and emotion


Complement the image I wanted something soft and subtle. I opted for the pink dress 

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Sophia Webster Selina ivory embellished satin boots,  embroidered and beaded details, faux pearls and crystal embellishments


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Ring selected for this image was to be a romantic story, and I was able to find him 



The story is this:  

The passion they shared for each other was immense, but when the young man proposed, the young lady declined saying that she loved him very much, but he needed to prove that he would love her forever.

The young man handed her seven roses, saying he would love her as long as the last rose stayed alive.

By the end of the week, all roses had died but one. The leftover rose looked healthy and normal.

The young lady asked the man why the rose was still alive and he explained to her that he made the last rose out of synthetic cloths, so it would last forever.

He told the lady that he would love her forever, and would go to any extent to make it so – even if he has to cheat and make his own ‘rose’. Upon seeing his undying commitment, the lady agreed to marry the young man and the two lived happily ever after.

Present this engagement ring in rose coloured-gold to symbolise the eternal love you have for your lady.

Never Know

A picture Icanvas ‘Never Know’ attracted my attention bright tints and dramatic maintenance. you really never know…

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The passionate feelings is expressed by means of elegant black dress Alexis Mabille.  The fashionable and prestige French brand uses expensive materials. Possessing incomparable sense of style, he able combines originality, elegance and quality.

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Black shoes on a high heel on a red sole from Cristian Louboutin combine with the red color of picture

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Picking up jewelries, I was stopped for a brand Art Masters. 


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Astonishing, the new Exclusive French 14K Red Gold Three Stone Blue Topaz Diamond Engagement Ring  would make an excellent engagement ring or a very special present for your loved one.



Kimberly Mcdonald ring

KimberlyLove to the green tints arose up for me from the green color of my eyes, therefore magnificent KIMBERLY MCDONALD
boulder opal and diamond ring at once pleased me 


Refined dress of green color from Rani Zakhem, I think, makes a consonant ensemble 


Arosha Taglia

My passion for the amazing products Arosha Taglia led to the creation of the set, which is represented here
Arosha Taglia

A charming ring inspired by a fantastic variety of shapes and colors created by the living coral sculptures, the ring offers a surprising and charming balance between dark and delicate structure of the coral-pink color Malva carefully selected freshwater pearls. The result is a harmonious and delicate ring with a unique character.


Wedding ring CORAL Pink Pearl

 I used Ralph & Russo Couture elegant dress and Christian Louboutin Pre property Camilla Aurora Boreale Strass Pumps

Here’s what famous designer and jeweler writes about himself and his work:

My name Arosha Luigi Taglia. I was born in Turin, Italy, where I have lived, I studied and worked most of his life. I moved to Israel five years ago, after my heart, and my love for the Israeli women, and this is where I live and create my jewelry today.
We are a team – I am a designer and I am all the creative aspects of our business, and my wife Gili manages logistics – logistics, communications and marketing.

I am a visual artist and eclectic, and worked in all areas of communication – from the pure art design, from television to advertising.

My work ranges from fine art (sculpture, painting, digital art) to jewelry design. I like to experiment with different materials – plastic, silver, gold, metals, textiles, vintage pieces, etc ..
My creations are presented in art, design, fashion and jewelery galleries around the world.

My passion for design and especially for jewelry comes from the sculpture. My jewelry is characterized by its clean and elegant forms, and a unique, modern and individual statements.

When I design my jewelry, I mean capital persons (male or female), which is intelligent, charming, a lover of art and beauty, challenging the mind, but necessary and pure in taste and style of dress.





About jewelry known that it gracefully, harmoniously combined with the luxury and emphasize the particular style of its owner. Buying jewelry is what is unusual and new, a distraction from everyday worries and makes us feel happy. And, of course, important events in personal life is always accompanied by gift of jewels and precious accessories.