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The idea to create this set served as a picture of the French painter Edouard Bisson “A Young Beauty with a Wreath of Roses”, which is filled with grace and emotion


Complement the image I wanted something soft and subtle. I opted for the pink dress 

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Sophia Webster Selina ivory embellished satin boots,  embroidered and beaded details, faux pearls and crystal embellishments


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Ring selected for this image was to be a romantic story, and I was able to find him 



The story is this:  

The passion they shared for each other was immense, but when the young man proposed, the young lady declined saying that she loved him very much, but he needed to prove that he would love her forever.

The young man handed her seven roses, saying he would love her as long as the last rose stayed alive.

By the end of the week, all roses had died but one. The leftover rose looked healthy and normal.

The young lady asked the man why the rose was still alive and he explained to her that he made the last rose out of synthetic cloths, so it would last forever.

He told the lady that he would love her forever, and would go to any extent to make it so – even if he has to cheat and make his own ‘rose’. Upon seeing his undying commitment, the lady agreed to marry the young man and the two lived happily ever after.

Present this engagement ring in rose coloured-gold to symbolise the eternal love you have for your lady.